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How Does It Work?

Everyday, we get asked this question so we thought we would get out in front of this with you. It’s really quite simple. We have 113 homesites to offer to the market. We partnered early with some of the best vernacular Architects so we have dozens and dozens of plans to chose from. To make it all come together, we have 4 builders who then build your home.

So now the big question.. How much?  Simply our homes and land runs from $1.2M to about $5M

Homesites – $350K to $1.2M

New Construction – Budget 350 to 400 per sq foot of AC Space

Example –  3,000 sq foot home construction could range $975 to $1,125M for home construction + then add the land 


Option 1:

Select A Homesite & Build

Crane Island is about choice and while we are a boutique offering of 113 homesites, we have a range of possibilities. The 4 big ideas are:

– Living On The River With A Dock
– Living on The Marsh
– Living in A Maritime Forest
– Living On A Park (someone else maintains)

The below interactive map helps start the journey of what’s available and the size, shape, and price of the offerings. Each marker has photos and often drone videos so you can get a real up close and personal look at each homesite.



Option 2:

Select A Home & Move In

Our Builders understand the value of time and have therefore created a range of inventory homes for you to select from. In collaboration with members of our Architectural Guild, we have created a range of offerings in size, shape and location. 

We invite you to see the below interactive Home Map to see the offerings on Lots 9,19,21,27,28,31,59,76, and 91 and this is just the tip of the iceberg.



The Engine Behind All Of This: Portfolio Homes Program 

The Crane Island Portfolio Homes Program

Driven by the goal of delivering a custom home without the custom home process. What we mean by that is we have seen over the years owners go through an extensive design process only to feel a little worn out and having deployed a lot of time and resources to the process. 

Over the past 6 years, the team behind Crane Island has deployed this approach on other communities with great success and most importantly we have restored the idea of this being a fun and exciting process with greater certainty. 

  • Starts with Design: The key to this is taking the time to develop the “running start” which is first starting with design professionals and coming up with literally dozens of plans that work for the conditions here and ensuring they can be priced and build in an efficient manner all while honoring the architectural standards. 
  • Flexibility & Choice: People often do a custom design when they feel like there are no plans to meet their needs. We don’t claim to have any magic bullets here, but with our decades of experience and that of our design professionals we are able to offer lots and lots of plans in a range of sizes, shapes, those that live out the front, out the back, out the side, etc. This is all key when we are trying to save trees, and solve for a range of budgets. 
  • Builder Program: From the very beginning, we knew the key to building a community in a timely manner would require horsepower and so we carefully interviewed and selected builders to become part of our Participating Builder Program. Track Record, Resources and a commitment to building Models & Specs all were key to this selection process. Lastly, each builder was required to come up with a “Portfolio Of Plans” that were on target from an architecture and price point. Today we have 15+ plans by our builders that are “shovel” ready, priced and thoughtfully designed often by the design firms who started this with us. 


The Portfolio Homes Program takes effort and it’s about people and clear process. We think it’s worth it as it works. We have owners who can get a home designed and priced in weeks not months and they can enjoy the process and look forward to the end solution. We invite you to explore this program with us and learn more. 



A Very Recent Example Of The Portfolio Homes Program 
Homesite 44 Designed By Lake & Land Studio – Amelia Artisan Style 

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John A Hillman

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