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Option 1 – Land + Build A new Home

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Crane Island is about choice and while we are a boutique offering of 113 homesites, we have a range of possibilities. The 4 big ideas are:

– Living On The River With A Dock
– Living on The Marsh
– Living in A Maritime Forest
– Living On A Park (someone else maintains)

The below interactive map helps start the journey of what’s available and the size, shape, and price of the offerings. Each marker has photos and often drone videos so you can get a real up close and personal look at each homesite.

Option 2 – Purchase an inventory home

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Our Builders understand the value of time and have therefore created a range of inventory homes for you to select from. In collaboration with members of our Architectural Guild, we have created a range of offerings in size, shape and location.  We invite you to see the below interactive Home Map to see the offerings on Lots 9,19,21,27,28,31,59,76, and 91 and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Meet The Sales Team

John A Hillman

John A Hillman

Broker - Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Tim Lang

Tim Lang

Senior Sales Executive