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Whether curated or unplanned, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for connection in our beloved Crane Island community. 

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community traditions

We love our traditions, whether that’s our Oyster Roasts, Annual Pumpkin Carving, or the Crane Island Ladies Golf Outing. 

We intentionally designed the sidewalk outside the River House to fit food trucks so we could host mini concerts and connect over good food and friends. 

And don’t forget fireworks around the big fire pit on the 4th of July! We really do love to celebrate together.

signature events

quality of life

We know wellness has many different meanings, which is why we’re proud to offer a variety of ways for you to experience a better quality of life. 

Whether you want to do Pilates in the Park, take the boat out to fish, listen to the birds chirping from your front porch, or head out to the Amelia Club for a round of golf with your friends, we have plenty of options.

When we designed the sidewalks, we made them big enough for golf carts. It turns out our owners would rather walk or ride their bikes. Wellness knows no bounds. 



porch living

With the neighborly feel of Mayberry, the quaint feel of Nantucket, and the rich connection of great neighbors, you’ll love walking your dog in Alice Park, running into friends at the River House, and talking about your golf swing on the front porch. 

Come for the heirloom property, and leave a legacy with your community. 

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With just under 20 properties left, this is the perfect time to make Crane Island your home.

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amelia island

In just a few minutes, you can run to a doctor’s appointment or enjoy the club amenities at Amelia Island Club. Drive your car onto Fernandina Beach to fish and head to one of the many restaurants downtown. You can do all that and be home for sunset on the porch.

crane island

Crane Island epitomizes low country living, timeless architecture, and a shared spirit of adventure and connection. Regardless of whether you choose to reside in the Forest, Intracoastal, Marsh, or Park District, you'll discover the ideal setting to establish deep roots and create cherished family traditions that span generations.

the perfect central location

enjoy amelia island & fernandina beach

Real estate is about location. Crane Island is unique because it offers fuller amenities without losing its quaint, small-town feel.

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