The Architect

Ryan was born to an artistic, industrious family and can vividly recall his first exposure to architecture at age 4, when his father and grandfather, “armed with little more than determination”, designed and built a house. He credits observing this process with awakening his desire to create. With a passion for traditional design rooted in his upbringing in Beaufort, South Carolina, Ryan enthusiastically joined Historical Concepts in 1999 after receiving a Bachelor of Design from Clemson University. Spurred on by his work at Historical Concepts, he decided to return to school for the more specific study of classical architecture. Ryan earned his Master in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame in 2004. Following graduation, he chose to explore a new-found interest in traditional planning and civic architecture at Urban Design Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2013, Ryan returned to Historical Concepts, bringing with him new perspective and knowledge, as well as an understanding of how “tradition” can evolve places, rather than being just a part of their history. He is a Certified Planner, a member of the American Planning Association, and is an involved member of the Atlanta Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism. Outside of his professional endeavors, Ryan can be found bicycling, kayaking, or tinkering in his workshop.


In Ryan’s Words

“My vision for Crane Island is that we are creating a place that not only protects the land that was here before us but to also create a place where the architecture will stand the test of time and be a reason why people will want to be here”