Alice Park

A perspective on the images and activation ideas possible in Alice Park.

The Namesake - Sarah Alice Broadbent

From The Marsh To The River

Alice Park North

Game On


A Park, A Home, A Swing

Alice Park – By Air By Land

The Progress of  Alice Park
– March 2018 – Site work started
– April & May 2018 – understory clearing to shape park
– June 2018  – minor fill added to allow for drainage and to prepare park for landscaping. 

Fall 2018 – As water utilities come online, sod grass and additional landscaping will be added. 

Interesting Fact:  While used by day and night as a pedestrian-friendly park, Alice Park also plays a key role in the network of natural water management systems. It is actually what is called a dry retention location so instead of big lakes like most developers use to collect and hold water, we encourage the best use of drainage taking our clues from mother nature and get the water back into the ground as quickly and naturally as possible