Amelia River to Sea Trail

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On October 10, 2018

The Amelia River To Sea Trail

Over the years, Amelia Island has come to be known as having the best cycling in Florida. In fact, some would even challenge any visitor to name a better place to cycle in the state. The City of Fernandina Beach is one of only fifteen Florida communities to receive Bicycle Friendly Community status through the League of American Bicyclists. In the coming years the County and the City of Fernandina will be jointly pursuing Bicycle Friendly Community Status for Amelia Island in its entirety. In the past decade, the community has seen active growth in the realm of biking and in so, the town has responded with the addition of more trails and making it a priority to keep accessible and enjoyable for all locals and those who visit. In 2016 the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization drafted a study of the bicycling and pedestrian facilities on Amelia Island. This plan analyzed existing conditions and came up with recommendations for future facilities. These facilities not only included bike lanes, boulevards, and paths, but also a comprehensive wayfinding system. With over 50 miles of bikable trails, it’s hard to come to the island and not see a cyclist or even partake in the activity yourself.

We at Crane Island are thankful to be a part of the growing cyclist community and trail. Years ago, the dream of having a trail that connected the Amelia River to the Atlantic Ocean started to make its way into reality. We have helped to make that possible with the bike trail on Crane Island helping complete the “River” portion of this trail. This 2.1 path will lead from Beach Access 30 along Simmons Road to Bailey Road and then connect in with Crane Island allowing cyclist and runners to experience views of the Intracoastal Waterway like never before. Mike Pikula, founder of Friends of the Amelia Island Trail, has always believed that “a trail is better than a road” and has worked hard to bring and maintain trails in Northeast Florida. From his years in the Air Force, he traveled the world experiencing how so many cultures incorporated cycling into the daily ins and outs of living. Mike is a humble and passionately driven to give the community the opportunity to get active.

We invite you to the Crane Island Park to enjoy a ride, walk or run, and soak in the magnificent ancient oaks and maritime forest. We believe in connecting with nature and a sense of wellness and hope to meet you on the trails soon.

“We strive to meld the environment into outdoor activity.” 

In 2013 Nassau County was awarded $1,720,000 to create the Simmons Road Multi-Use Trail, a trail running east to west to allow for non-motorized travel. The trail accommodates both commuting and recreating users and connects to commercial and residential sectors. The trail, which is the highest priority for the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (NFTPO) and Nassau County for FY 2019, will stretch across 2.2 miles of the island.

“The ARTS Trail is centrally located and ideally situated on Amelia Island to provide a highly desired and much needed east/west corridor for non-vehicular traffic. The trail will serve both the commuter and leisure users and ultimately reduce vehicular miles traveled on Amelia Island.”


“This project will connect numerous residential developments to a wide variety of retail, service, and recreational opportunities. Notably, the pristine beaches of Amelia Island, the resort and dining amenities ofsouth Amelia Island, the retail and service opportunities of central Amelia Island, the Ybor Alvarez Sports Complex, and the entrance to Crane Island. “




After completing our second round of tours through the 2019 Southern Living Idea House, we donated proceeds from ticket sales to our very own Main Street Society in Amelia Island.

Alice Park

Alice Park

At the center of the community, we memorialize Miss Alice with Alice Park. All of Crane Island was once her park. We cherish a space at its very heart, in Alice’s name, to remember that no matter how far we have come, it all began here.