coastal living inspired home


The 2024 Coastal Living Inspired Home at Crane Island is the result of a collaboration between a talented team of professionals. The project was led by the architectural expertise of Court Atkins Group, who designed the home with a focus on coastal living and modern aesthetics. The interior design and styling were masterfully executed by the highly skilled Kathryn Lott, who brought her unique vision and attention to detail to create a stunning and inviting living space. The construction of the home was carried out by the experienced and meticulous team at Pickett Construction, ensuring that every aspect of the project was built to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Together, this team has created a remarkable showcase of coastal living design and inspiration.



The 2024 Coastal Living Inspired Home at Crane Island is a testament to the power of collaboration. James Hardie siding, Pella Windows & Doors, and Sherwin Williams Paint contribute to the home’s stunning exterior and interior. The interiors are elevated by the exceptional products and designs from Visual Comfort, Regina Andrew Detroit, Universal Furniture, and Serena & Lilly, creating inviting and comfortable living spaces with a coastal-inspired charm.

The successful collaboration between the architecture, interior design, construction, and trade partner teams has resulted in a remarkable coastal living experience that showcases the best of modern design and craftsmanship.

Kathryn Lott

Kathryn Lott

Designer & Stylist

I love using design and styling to tell stories and create a sense of home, belonging, and aspiration. My own story is glittered with moments that have shaped my aesthetic, approach, and lifelong love for what I do.

Originally from “The City of Homes” of Newnan, Georgia, I grew up immersed in the world of homebuilding. As a spunky, eager 5th grader I got to make my way through town on a school field trip studying historical architecture, and I was hooked.

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