Creating Place

The inspiration for Crane comes both from the Southeast Region often referred to as The Lowcountry. This Lowcountry Architecture was practical in its inception where homes were built up to capture the breezes and views. Homes were assembled often over generations which present this great feeling as if the home was built over time.  This design style creates a timeless feel and it is that feel that creates a place that is enduring and can evolve over time gracefully. 

Creating Place

The inspiration for Crane comes both from the Southeast Region for a timeless “Lowcountry”  & Historic Florida vernacular. We care about the details that never go out of style. We also don’t have to go very far to seek our inspiration as Fernandina Beach provides so many wonderful clues as to how people have lived and enjoyed these homes across generations..

Our Inspiration 

Our architectural inspiration comes from the rich history right here in our backyard with Fernandina Beach, Florida. The artisanal homes were crafted by the skilled carpenters often responsible for the boat building industry here in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Their craftsmanship can still be seen on the porch picket details and other embellishments on these homes.

We also draw upon the rich tradition of the “Lowcountry” that emanates from Charleston, SC down the Sea Island Chain to Amelia Island. Lowcountry Architecture is about a relaxed assembly of structures often over time that give you an evolved sense of character over time. Hallmarks of this style are multiple porches to enjoy the views and breezes. Modern adornments include metal roofs, gas lanterns, haint blue porch roof colors and a host of other classic elements that shape this beloved style of homes.  Some of the wonderful examples of Lowcountry can be found in the planned communities of Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, SC and Habersham in Beaufort, SC.  Many of the same architects of those communities are helping Crane Island with our spirit of Lowcountry with a “Fernandina Twist”. 

Fernandina Beach, FL

Palmetto Bluff, SC

Habersham, SC


Crane Island Style

The Crane Island Design Guidelines (Cliff Notes Version)