Crane Island is pleased to present our six participating custom builders at Crane Island. Carefully interviewed and selected by Crane Island, these five builders present terrific options to take your vision and make it a reality. Our builders have the track record, resources, and the teams to deliver and they are personally committed to furthering the architectural vision and character of Crane Island.

There are two basic paths one can take in leveraging a builder plan that has been designed for Crane Island or in working with the Crane Island Sales team to explore a library of homes or designing a custom plan with one of our preferred Architects. In either case, our goal is to make it both fun and painless so we look forward to opening the conversation with you.





Vic Buscaino

Vic Buscaino


Vic Buscaino contributes more than 40 years of building expertise coupled with the benefits of the AR Homes® franchise.  While a veteran builder with decades of experience, Vic & his team also leverage the ever-changing technology opportunities and are well situated to communicate with owners wherever they may be. Communication is key and Vic prides himself on keeping owners updated and engaged at all times during the construction process. 

Building a custom Dream Home begins by understanding the needs, lifestyle, and unique factors each customer desires in their finished home.  Once that is understood, Vic and his team are able to leverage 8,000 sq ft  design center on Amelia Island to ensure the process of selecting finishes is efficient and fun for the owner. Vic is local, has a great base of trades to pull from and has the experience and know how to make the process work. 

Vic is about to begin a model home in Alice Park by Historical Concepts and has a nice selection of plans to pull from

Cam Bradford

Cam Bradford

President - Cam Bradford

Cam Bradford believes in a home being more than just an address. It’s your refuge. It’s the haven where memories are made, shared, and preserved. Cam has partnered with multiple design & architecture studios to bring a tailored home to each homeowner and their lifestyle.

Cam is supported by a great team of professionals who have all worked together for decades and his lead supervisor Steve Lendry comes from a long line of homebuilding on Amelia Island and throughout Northeast Florida.  Cam also puts a lot of emphasis on communication as core to his success and the backbone of his operation is a BIM (Building Information Management) platform called Co-Construct which provides a seamless transition from proposal to completion of a home and gives the owner direct access 24 hours a day to everything they want to know about their home and it’s progress. 

Cam is actively building homes throughout Crane Island as well as a home for sale in Alice Park and soon one to start in the Forest District of Crane Island. 

Steve Pickett

Steve Pickett

President - Pickett Construction

Steve grew up on Amelia Island and is a 3rd generation builder who has spent his whole life here. Steve is an entrepreneur at heart and has build a success building company in residential, commercial and some Department Of Defence work as needed. This has enabled Steve to build a healthy company that has withstood a range of market conditions. Steve brings an enthusiasm and “can do” approach that never seems to run out of energy and it permeates throughout his team.

Steve and his team have taken a specIal interest in Crane Island and early on committed to partnering with design professionals who would help him bring the most authentic and genuine approach to the architectural character of Crane Island. Steve’s early partnership with Allison Ramsey Architects and Lake & Land studio has enabled him to see success with property owners on their custom projects as well as his own model home that sold. 

Steve is actively working on several projects for property owners and is getting ready to start a new model home in Alice Park that will be a real show place.  

Matt Birdwell

Matt Birdwell

President - Riverside Homes Custom

The custom homes division of Riverside Homes began the first home of Crane Island and it was a doozy. When Southern Living™ chose Crane Island to be the 2019 Idea House Location, the full team at Riverside rose to the occasion and developed a home that has become one of the gold standards of Crane Island. The team was steadfast in their goal and they developed this amazing home in 6 months and it was received by 15,000 guests who gave it rave reviews. This was just the beginning for Riverside and they are underway with their new model in Alice Park and about to begin construction on multiple property owner homes.

Besides the executive team of Matt & Chris, they have a tremendous team of professionals leading their Custom Home Division. Matt Birdwell is the head of operations and brings his 2 decades of knowledge, skill, and passion and his right-hand man is Jarrod Knox who leads the effort in the field and will be the supervisor of projects Crane Island.

Riverside Homes is a Southern Living™ Builder member and is actively building throughout Northeast Florida.


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